Group response of fish to sound

Photo credit Dr. Andrew Vowles

Group behavioural responses of cyprinid fishes to artificial acoustic stimuli in riverine environments - Implications for fisheries management

Helen’s research uses high-resolution video tracking, in combination with fine-scale environmental mapping, to investigate the effect of anthropogenic noise on the collective behaviour of cyprinid fishes. Results are applicable to conservation efforts to reduce the impacts of anthropogenic noise, and the development of acoustic deterrent systems. Such technologies could assist in the control of invasive species expansion, or reduce screening impingement and fish mortalities at dangerous sites (e.g. hydropower dams).

Her work is sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council and Fishtek Consulting Ltd.

Helen A. L. Currie
Helen A. L. Currie
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include animal behaviour, aquatic ecology and fisheries science.